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It’s a day like this when I need a whole tub of ice cream
One year from today I get to marry my best friend
Going rafting on the Jordan River
Este diseno llamado “Plantbook, desarrollado por los disenadores japoneses
My last day of International Composition with my friends in the summer cohort at IUP. Woot!
Day 93...Happy for memories at 75 Sesame Street
Long day
This butterfly tried to catch a ride home with us today
I suck at sleeping
Don’t Tell Me Kindergartners Can’t Do That!

Another night at the Eagle, trying to finish a non-dissertation-related writing project. And it’s raining the way that it only rains in Indiana. Again.

10 Things Moms of Boys Must Do
Jorgito Lands Caping
Este trabajo quedo precioso en el estado de Florida
Trivia Night with the Fettermans
Norristown Home For Sale
Loved spending the day with this cutie!
Three dads + one uncle making a beautiful, magical personalized book like no other
Carnival fun! Brothers=best friends!
Home For Sale, Birdsboro PA Real Estate
I had a fantastic week with my mommy! Sad to see her go.
Didn’t realize Pop was into photo bombing...lol
Clever marketing techniques aside, a beautiful message: let’s tell our daughers they’re pretty brilliant, not just pretty
Who wants to go to a “tono” at my casa next Saturday around 4 PM?
TBT right before leaving for college...what I wouldn’t give
Boxes of beautiful bras waiting on your doorstep. Never go bra shopping again. Get started today!

So if you aren’t loving life, trust me, you are doing it wrong. I will gladly give you free lessons...and supply the beverages during training.

Summer movie night
Finally done with the digital lit project! Class meets early tomorrow so off to bed!
I miss my husband...That is all.
Weekend fun at Crayola Factory and Canal Museum
Cierto, cierto, cierto...Asi no se puede.
The Truth About the Tooth Fairy
Why did this make me tear? My kids are in their 30’s!
Find exactly what you’re looking for at Lulu & Georgia. Shop now and take 15% off! Designer Home Decor
Flying Uwe
So schnell kann das gehen! Gefahrlich aussehen alleine bringt uns nichts. Unterschatze niemals deine Gegner! Verlinke jemanden der das es wissen solite