Digitizing E. M. Forster’s Meaning of Life….

My media project is to digitize a passage for E. M. Forster about the components of life. The passage has a great theme and wanted to present it in a different way or let’s say a critical way that addresses the materialist twenty –first century. This passage was meant to be made for the sake of studying the characters of the novels, but I wanted to address it critically to my fellow human beings.
In this media project, I used a program called Loxia Studio, in which I have access to upload pictures and to write texts. This program enables me to use the pictures as post cards that is to write on the back of each picture. It also enables me to use links to other websites. I have the option either to open the link in the same window or to open it in a different one.
I have also connected my project with external websites and blogs. For example; I have connected it with the Google Blog, wordpress Blog, and with the YouTube. The idea behind linking the reader with more than one website is to give the sense of complexity and fragmentation. Inside the blogs I had the option to go back to my original project page through a hyperlink made especially for this sake.
I have different options and choices in this program, such as the length or the width of the screen. I have also the option to open the external links in the same page of the project or in a different one. I always have the option to go back to my project and to edit it. I have the option to present my project in different styles and screens

E. M. Forster Aspects of the Novel