My original intent with this particular media experiment was to use Audacity along with Prezi. I have used Prezi before; however, I had not used Audacity. When Dr. Sherwood showed us some of the things that could be done with this program during class, I was enthused. This, I knew, was what I wanted to use for my media experiment. My vision was clips from a song playing as certain slides were zoomed in upon during the presentation. Unfortunately, Audacity and I are not friends, much to my dismay. I fought with it, I cursed at it, and I pled, all to no avail. I could not continue with my original plan.
Therefore, I modified the plan. I still used the same song I had originally intended, but instead of clipping specific song bits to particular frames, I have the entire song playing as the presentation goes. This will create a different experience in readers, but I hope the end result is still the same: an affirming experience of hope and beauty.