1. Monday's class will be devoted to presentations of your media experiments.
  • We will have about 10 minutes per student; please plan about 5 minutes of introduction/demonstration, and allow 5 minutes for questions and discussion from you classmates
2. Submission
  • Give your experiment a "landing page" on the wiki;
  • Link to it from your personal homepage
  • Add the tag "Experiment"
  • Sign up on the Experiment_Presentation_Page
  • Your actual project may be uploaded as an attachment to the wiki page, depending on the format and size. If it makes more sense (a youtube video, for instance), you may provide an external link. Do please check your project from a different computer to make sure that it will work in class.
3. Objectives and Context
  • Remember that the goal is to give you the opportunity to learn experientially, to begin thinking through digital literature from the compositional side.
  • Please write 1-3 paragraphs on your landing page discussing the media-specific elements you explored in your project. You may also give any instructions necessary to the reader/player; and you may want to offer a description or reflection on your process. Here is a very short example from a prior class.